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. >>> now the latest in west virginia about what's going on where families and friends are holding out hope for four missing miners but rescuers say chances of survival after the blast monday are slim. even the search is difficult. the west virginia governor said it could be by midday before much progress is made venting poisonous gases from where the men could be. we have a report from west virginia with more on the search efforts. >> they cut through and it was a thousand 93 feet about 4:15. >> crews working with giant drills bored into the earth's crust straight through the night in hopes of reaching four coal miners trapped deep underground. >> we did not get any response back from the beating on the pipes as a signal. >> some of them are still there. >> two days after a blast rocked the upper big branch mine killing 25 people, some of this west virginia community linked to hope. >> my heart just hurts for those people. the men that are still in the mines. >> reporter: others to resignation. >> the coal mine is a way of life down here and it's really sad that something like that happene
incidents of hail in maryland, virginia and west virginia. most of that was actually yesterday evening, between 5:00 and 8:00. 8:30 if you will. also produced local lied flooding, possibility of more rain today. we could have locally heavy downpours and flooding. here's storm reports from yesterday. i want to point out the one closest to us. that was 1.5-inch hail near damascus at 8:10 in the evening. the storms weakened as they rolled through the east but there was a swath of two to three inches of rain in parts of howard county, west side of the beltway and we definitely had flooding as a result of that. so heavy downpours possible this morning. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting the rain that had been pretty heavy on the west side and north side of the beltway and rolling its way through baltimore, harford and cecil county, right now we have one little hefty band pushing near manchester and this one sliding up towards st. louisbury and -- st. louis bury, and past north of the baltimore area. we can get embedded heavier showers with the main band that continues to ro
going to school next year? >> george washington. >> virginia tech. >> northeastern university. >> not too shabby. you guys -- no one else is going with you. >> just us three. >> what did the school say when you came up with this idea. most intern at tv stations, work with mom and dad. >> at first they were really wondering what the purpose was but once we went through and explained it all they were ecstatic >> you live with cf. >> yes. >> tell me what it is like. >> every day -- cystic fibrosis is one to have most common genetic diseases effects 30,000 americans it produces a thick mucus around the pancreas and lungs make it i have difficult to swallow and digest. >> this is a great project. will you guys come back in, take a lot of pictures. >> absolutely. >> will you show us your road trip? great. good luck to you my friend you have great friends here. jake way to go. >> thank you. >> you are going to sore man. wait until you go to college and present this. what do colleges say when you present this saying we are taking this road trip. you were already in but they have to
, things like that. >> what you're looking at right now. >> this is virginia sweet squire. it's just about to pop. another reason why you want to do natives is because it attracts a lot of butterflies and birds. migratory birds need that fuel to get through their journey. butterflies need nectar sources and host plants. >> we have the three different regions, we're looking at the piedmont. this is the piedmont region, each bed out here has some kind of water feature. there's a little bog in here. we have iris in the back. going to back up onto some of my classes in college. a bog itself isn't wet all year-round, but it's not dry. we have irises here that can take feet. we have this virginia sweet squire can take the wet soil. we have buttonbush over there. it's going to have a bowl-like flower. >> taking the nutrients we put in to fertilize our lawn and taking the trash and pollution out. these plants are a natural filter? >> that's right. it prevents a lot of the pollutants, the fertilizers and things from getting into the bay. >> the thing is, you've done it in such a way that it fits in
:00 to watch the showers and storms that get very active in western pennsylvania and into the west virginia mountains. slide our way. our best chance of rain will be as we approach sunset and lead through this evening. the frontal boundary itself looks like it tried to cross the area between 11:00 and midnight. either way you slice it, we get showers overnight and we lead to a much cooler trend. temperatures this weekend may end up a little cooler than we had earlier thought. today warmer than we thought. we go for 81 with a strong breeze and showers late afternoon and evening. we knock it down to 53 overnight. showers and storms get out of here with only low 60s at best tomorrow. we'll check out the extended forecast in the next half hour. back to you. >>> most of you are planning a trip this summer so we'll give you ideas on deals. >> we'll tell you how to pack more and take less suitcases leaving your stuff wrinkle free. >>> i'm running out of belt loops. i'm going to have to go out and buy a smaller belt now. that's not a problem for me. >> megan will introduce us to another couple ta
? >> you're a teacher, what grade? >> i teach 5th grade in northern virginia and i love it. you started stand up when? >> i was in college. it took me five years to graduate, because i changed my mage to education. during my senior year, i started hanging out at a comedy club. i friend told me, if you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do tonight. i was like, go do stand up. i will never forget the first laugh. >> and you are doing it for laughs. >> yeah. >> now on the website -- he kills. that's a good grading paper. >> that is good on the comedy club. not so much in school. >> how did you know you had it? >> it is one of the things you get the first laugh and it's like a hook and you know -- a lot of it, you need to get up in front of people and make them laugh. the worst, the hardest audience ever are my kids. they know i'm a comic and i will tell them a knock knock joke and they say that you are not funny. >> like the 10-year-old audience. >> they are the hardest judges ever. they judge you so quickly. things have changed. when i went to school, now with technology it is boo
. his name is benjamin. then my grandfather came up from virginia at 27. roomed with my great grandparents, married their daughter. their kids were born in the company town including my father. >> 36,000 people used to live down there in the hay day. >> not lived there, worked there in the hay day. in the boon years. many also lived in the company town. >> what happened? >> foreign competition mainly. after world war ii the united states was in a great position, we had the world by the tail, had our industrial infrastructure, most of our allies, and adversaries did not. beginning i would say in the 70s, all that industry came back overseas. they could sell steel for cheaper than we could. >> let's look at the pictures from her book. what made you write the book? >> it was my family. the desire to sort of pay tribute to those hard working people of communities like dundalk, west baltimore, highlandtown. >> what have you learned? >> i heard the stories growing up. i think the most shocking thing i learned was how dangerous it was to work down there. so many people were killed on
, it was taken with the role through kentucky pushing through the southwest virginia and north carolina mountains and we are pulling in south and southeast flow taps into the atlantic, the gulf and that will push its way with more moisture in the afternoon, you can see highlighting, the yellow shading, the heavier rain, just south of annapolis, st. mary's and down towards richmond, we will be in the ban of on and off showers through the evening commute. it pushes towards york and harrisburg. by tomorrow morning, it's off the coast and we should see a good-looking day. for today, downtown baltimore, down to 62 degrees with a chance of on and off light rain. we expect the rain to push through caroll county, 59 degrees in parkton. the push make it to the eastern shore getting to 66 degrees. we'll check out the week and forecast in the next half hour. >>> we have a quick note from overseas, olympic committee president has passed away. he died at a hospital in barcelona after being admitted with heart problems. he oversaw a big expansion of the games, he was 89 years old. >>> all right. it's get bac
allows drilling energy off virginia shoreline. reaction among the regions political leaders, mixed here today. some say the decisions will help ease the nation's reliance on foreign energy reserves. the president's decision on drilling is sending shock waves throughout our state, especially environmentalists. in may of last year, the president issued an order dedicated to cleaning up the chesapeake bay. the head of the chesapeake bay foundation says the new plan does just the opposite. >> the chesapeake bay is a national treasure, there's nothing like it in the world. and twice a day water from the atlantic ocean moves into the bay with the tides. >> if you affect the offshore waters, you affect the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: which is why president obama's announcement: >> today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. >> reporter: came as such a shock for environmentalists in maryland. >> refining, transportation, storage, whenever you handle oil near the water, a certain percentage gets into the water. >> reporter: that would be a disaster for the thousand
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9